Thursday, September 3, 2009

Juggling Act

Whew! It's been a while since I have had time to update. Things are so crazy lately. Ethan cries A LOT...we think he has colic and reflux which stinks for all of us. Of course I am the only one going w/o sleep...Shawn and James could sleep through a hurricane :). Ethan is now 5 weeks old and is filling out and changing so much. James is doing so much better with him and is the adoring big brother. He kisses him, holds his hand in the car while he screams and proudly tells anyone that he is Ethans Big Brother. It's so sweet to see them together and just imagine what the future has to hold for our two boys.

This past weekend we joined our 9 year old niece, Delaine, as she was baptized. It was such a joyous time and I just pray that we can help our boys learn the importance of God in their life. I am not usually an emotional person in public but my eyes welled up with tears as she was raised back up from the water. She is such a sweet little girl. We visited Delaine the day she was born which for us is a rare thing with our moves. She is a special and sweet little girl for sure.

James started MMO at church this week and seems to really enjoy it. He needs that outlet b/c I am often so tied up with Ethan I don't have as much time as i would like with James. That still is the hardest part for me...not giving James my attention 100% like I use to do. James will ask me to come build with him and no sooner do I leave the room Ethan starts screaming. James gets put on back burner so to say and it kills me. I still cry at night b/c I miss our time we use to have. James also has started attending Puggles (AWANA's) at our church on Wednesday nights. He loves it!! He can't wait for Wednesday b/c he knows this is Puggles day!! He loves to learn about God and Jesus which is so exciting to see in him!

Ethan...well right now he cries, pees poops and sometimes sleeps. He isn't on a schedule, which for those who know me is killing me!!!! I won't lie..having 2 is very difficult and I just think that James was so perfect. i was content with 1 but am blessed with our 2 beautiful boys. Just the lack of sleep lately has really taken its toll on me. We have started letting Ethan sleep on us to ensure that we get some sleep....probably not the best idea but when you are starved for sleep you will do anything. We are transitioning him to his bed by 2 months I hope.

I am so blessed to be a SAHM because I honestly don't see how people go to work after being up all night and function!! I know tha ti could do it if it came to that but I am thankful that it hasn't as of now. Do i miss social work..sure. But will I regret staying home and watching my babies grow?ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!! It's a blessing to have the chance. Shawn works hard and has a very demanding, dangerous job most of the time. He is a great provider for us and am thankful for him. We are enjoying these 2 years because it will go fast!

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