Sunday, April 5, 2009

Going to Grandpas House

This past weekend we decided to make a visit to my grandfather in Myrtle Beach, SC. His health has been not so good and since we will soon be 10 hrs instead of 4 hrs away we decided we should take advantage. Also while we were there we'd take advantage of the Beach. James was old enough this year to know what the beach was and to have fun. The first day we arrived it was so warm so after nap we got James in his swimmies and took him to the beach. The water was SO cold but he didnt' care. He jumped in it and rolled around....he was so fun to watch the joy on his face. The next day we went swimming in the "heated" pool and he was so proud of himself b/c he could get around the pool with just his arm floaties. He was jumping in and without notice so we had to keep an eye on him. Then we braved the chilly wind and went to the beach again..Brr....James played again in the water and sand but said he was chilly so we went to the room and had lunch and nap. On Sunday we went to Ripley's Aquarium. James loves sharks and fish so he was so excited. He wasn't so sure about the sharks swimming overhead in the tanks but he warmed up to them. He even tried to touch the sharks and stingrays in the exhibit. It amazed us how quickly he has grown in just a year and how smart he is. He amazes us daily.

The funniest thing I think he did while there was use Pooh Bear as his scapegoat. I asked him not to push buttons on the safe so he took Pooh's paw and said Pooh wanted to press the buttons. Then if he wanted to get up he said "Pooh needs a drink". So SMART!!!! He is so funny and I giggle all the time at his little antics. We went to the Disney Store to get the new baby a Pooh Bear but the electricty went out and we weren't able to get it...we were bummed. James picked it out himself and was so proud. Guess we'll try again soon. It was so sweet b/c he told me one day last week the baby could have his Pooh Bear and I thought I was gonna cry......yes hormones are awful when pregnant.

Of course in between all this stuff we visited with grandpa and had dinners with him. He seemed so happy to see us and James always can bring a smile to anyones face. My grandpa was diagnosed with COPD, pretty much a terminal lung disease but he has quit smoking and he looks a lot better than he did. He was sad that we were moving further away yet again. When we were in NC it was only 2 1/2 hrs, then we moved to GA where it is 4 1/2 hrs and now to AL where it is 10 hrs. WE were always the closest to him and now we too will be far away and we all know that 2 kids makes traveling harder but I am still going to try to make it up there as often as we can. We are all he has and it makes me so sad to think about him being all alone.

We hope to make it to the beach again depending when we get moved to AL once it gets warmer so James isn't shaking while in the water. We'll see how it goes though b/c I already feel huge :)
I had a lot more pics but the blogger is giving me a hard time. They are on my facebook page and Shawn's though

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