Friday, April 30, 2010


We got news today that our house in NC is officially off the market! The guy who has been rented it got his loan approval today which is GREAT news for us. We will close very soon and have the burden of two payments each month gone!! We put our house on the market in July of 2008 and just now will we not have the burden of 2 payments. God is good!! We didn't make much off the house but to have the worry gone is priceless.

Although it is no longer our home, it will always hold a special place to us. It was our first home purchase as a couple. I admit when it came time to sign the first time I couldn't do it...we pulled into the parking lot and anxiety hit in and I had to reschedule. But once we did and the home was OURS it was a very great feeling. It was more than a house to us it was a HOME for us. Our precious first born was taken home there. It was there that we rocked our baby to sleep, where he began crawling and just had that feeling of home. His first bedroom was done by us in Winnie the Pooh and was a little labor of love. When we decided to paint the entire house neutral, that was the only room that kinda saddened me to see done. It is in that house that I learned so much about myself while Shawn was deployed. I learned that I could do so much more than I gave myself credit. It was there that I learned the joys and pains of motherhood. It is that house that after 15 LONG months in Afghanistan that Shawn returned safely to his family.

Now we hope that "our" house will hold memories for the new person living in it. I am so thankful for the answered prayers...even though it wasn't on our time and much of our savings was depleted....we know God does things in his own time for a reason.

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  1. So happy for you guys! I'm sure that's such relief.


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