Monday, August 1, 2011


While we are in Kansas I want to explore and do things that are fun for our family to do together. Since this next year will probably be our only time in the midwest I am determined to make the best of it. Due to the weather today i chose to do an inside activity. So we all gathered into the van and made our way to Wonderscope Museum in Shawnee, KS which is about 30 minutes from Leavenworth. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised that we got in free since we were military. There were several rooms for the boys to explore but while they played they also learned....pretty sneaky :). There was a rollercoaster room (you used golf balls to explore different types of energy), art room, market room, water room, hospital room, and Lego room. The boys favorite rooms were the rollercoaster room and art room. Once neat thing about the lego room is that they had huge sea animals made out of Legos only!! To think of the time and construction it took to do it was awesome. It was a great time with my boys! I was so glad that Shawn came too!
After leaving Wonderscope we headed to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant that a friend highly recommended. We walked in and immediately both boys eyes lit up at the train that circled around the entire restaurant. But wait it gets better! Once we are seated more fun comes. We place our order by calling it in through a phone at the table. The food is then delivered by a train car overhead that drops the food on a shelf that lowers the food down to the table. Everytime the train car went overhead Ethan would raise his hands anticipating it being our food. Finally the food dropped and we ate some good old fashion burgers. This was one of the only meals that Ethan was somewhat behaved. He was mesmarized by the trains which was so sweet. Of course James loved the restaurant too. This restaurant will definitely get another visit from the Dalrymple Family!! It was a huge hit!

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