Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

It's hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone! It seems that this year has flown by...could be because I have been sleep deprived because of Ethan so days just run together :). But overall this has been a great year being in Alabama.
Halloween fell on a Sunday so Lauderdale County deemed Saturday night Trick or Treat night. James was so excited this year. He picked out his costume at the first of October...of course Woody since he was Buzz Lightyear last year. :). He loves the Toy Story characters. Ethan was going to be a Monkey. He wore the costume that James wore for his FIRST Halloween. I loved the costume and because Ethan's bedroom and wardrobe are filled with Monkey's it was so perfect.
James had a soccer game that morning and being the slacker mom I am, we carved our pumpking that afternoon. James told me he wanted a happy jack o lantern with round eyes and nose. So I drew it on the pumpkin and he actually helped carve the face on it. He was so proud of his work.
Then we napped and got ready for the big night of fun. We visited Maw-maw at work to get her back of treats and then headed back home to get some goodies. James was really into it this year. He would look for porch lights that were on and then go running up to the door. Everytime he would say "trick or treat" and would tell them "thank you" or "have a happy halloween". I swear that kid is the sweetest thing ever!!! His manners amaze me and make me feel I am doing something right :). I took Ethan to a few doors (mainly for my chocolate pleasures) but he was content riding in the stroller so we just left him in there. He was enjoying the suckers and smarties he received. We walked a good bit of our neighborhood before we called it a night. Our neighborhood is one of the busiest neighborhoods in the area. Cars line the streets for the entire neighborhood length. It is crazy. James was thrilled with his loot and wanted to eat all of it but we put it up after a few pieces.
Seeing the excitement in James eyes as holidays approach is one of the best feelings ever! I can't wait for Ethan and him to share in the festivies together very soon!

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